Our band has a wonderful reputation not only in Mobile, but in many other states and countries such as Ireland! As a band constructed of individuals with an unbeatable work ethic, we work dutifully to help fund our activities. Take a look at the comprehensive lists of fundraisers that the McGill-Toolen Catholic High School Band family participates in!

Silent Auction

The McGill-Toolen Catholic High School Band Silent Auction occurs during our Christmas Concert and is always a huge success. Students, faculty, and family are all able to submit items for the auction (ranging from fire pits to puppies) and proceeds go in part to the band to help defray band dues and expenses.

McGill-Toolen Bed Sheets

While uncommon for a band fundraiser, this bed sheet sale always manages to help students pay off trips and fees. By selling sheets in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials, this fundraiser never fails in raising the necessary money.

Raffle Tickets

At the same time as the McGill-Toolen Catholic High School Band Silent Auction and Christmas Concert is the raffle. Each student is required to sell 20 tickets, with prizes ranging from money to a brand new Apple Watch. All proceeds go towards band dues and trip fees.

Poinsettia Sale

Each year when Christmas rolls in, the McGill-Toolen Catholic High School Band family sells poinsettias to help spread the holiday spirit. With multiple colors and sizes available, the poinsettia sale always succeeds in raising the money necessary for trips and band dues. This fundraiser usually lasts from late November to early December. Poinsettia order forms can be found here.

Bake Sale

A classic, our bake sale is unbeatable. We bake our favorite foods and desserts and share them with pride. The bake sale is an instrumental fundraiser in that it helps defray band dues and traveling costs.

Band T-Shirt Fundraiser

Buy a Band T-Shirt and show your McT spirit! Click here to order one!

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